NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


Thanks for posting. One step closer to a new trust level. Enjoy your day.



I’ve a question on cocos creator and the touch feature. I’ve started to create a game, but there is something wrong with the touch. Although I have a touch screen, cocos creator doesn’t react. Who is able to help me further? I can provide the code.

Thanks, Guy


Hi I’m new to cocos 2dx. How can I learn how to make a very simple game?


Have you looked at the docs yet. There is a tutorial for a very simple game :slight_smile: goes through all the basics.


I’m a new user and I’ve been going through the site and docs trying to get a solution to a problem I have. Its weird that when one decides to register and participate in the community by asking questions, One cannot because of how the forum is set up.

I have to read through and interact with other stuff (which I already have as a non registered user) in order to gain ‘trust’ to ask a question.

I understand that its a feature of the discourse app but I would hope you consider the impact on how new users may perceive access to the cocos community especially those that are not familiar with discourse and maybe younger developers.


We do receive periodic complaints about how we choose to fight SPAM users. I understand your point of view. I elevated your trust level manually so you can now start a topic.


Thanks @slackmoehrle


Hi, I had a fair bit of trouble with GameMaker so I came here where hopefully I can figure Gamedev out better, and it being free is a big plus as well! It seems like a great community!


Hello there

i have few questions about cocos2dx.I want to make a cross-platform card game.Since cocos2dx has no interface where am I writting in C++?Also let’s say I finish the coding how can I publish it on multiple platforms?Is there an option?Lastly does cocos creator supports card games like poker,solitaire etc?


You use a text editor or favorite IDE

Yes you can publish to multiple platforms. Use the cocos command line tool or your IDE probably has the right tools as well.

Yes you can make those game ideas in Creator. Many already have.


alright thank you!

IDE has to be something neutral like visual studio or I can also use android studio?


Android Studio is what we support for Android development.


Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been using SFML for a little while but wanted to make the change to Cocos2d-x to start working on some new games. I will definitely be posting new topics here. Thanks!


Hi, New user here. Hope to get to the trust level where I can post a new thread. I got some questions :frowning:


Awesome, we look forward to you asking.


Thanks for making your member system waste my time. I am thinking about switching to cocos2d. With that way of not being allowed to open a new post you really made things very easy for me! The replies I didnt get on my not existing post really convinced me.


We prevent SPAM this way. All you need to do is read some topics or search for some topics and then you can post.


@slackmoehrle What about adding captcha while creating new thread? so you can remove this rule.


I haven’t looked at captcha. I’d need to see if there is a Discourse plug-in available. Good thought.


Hi, I’m new!