NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


Hi. Trying out cocos creator. Looking for help


[obligatory hello post]


Studio or Creator?


Edit: Cocos Creator.


Hi. Am hoping a forum post would help me fix something


Hello, I am almost new to Cocos2d-x and started here in the forum like a month ago, I am having some troubles understanding the general organization of the forum and finding specific topics, would like to know better about the organization and the search tool. Thank you anyway for the help I am getting of the great information on this site for my developing learning.


What doesnt make sense specifically?

There are categories. You create topics with a specific category. You can reply to topics in any category.

To search use the search icon towards the upper right and type in keywords to what you are looking for.

Also we have docs and examples.


Hi all!)
I’m new. And for several months now I have been trying to make the first game on cocos2d and constantly read this forum. but there were questions that I did not find the answer and I want to ask them :slight_smile:


Welcome. Good luck with your first game.


Hello, i hope your game making journey goes successful!


Thank you for your hospitality :slight_smile:


Hi, Everyone


Hi to everyone :slight_smile:


hi everyone i am beginner


Hello to our new developers.


Hi, I’m Strature, (To be owner of Stragen Interactive) And I want to learn how to
code in Javascript and use Cocos2D-JS so I can make my first game! Any good free
resources to make this more likely to happen will help me a lot! Thanks!


Heyo everyone :slight_smile:
Learning this engine for our “practica in software engineering” at my university.


Hi everyone! Just joined the community


Hello to our new developers!


Hi all! I am new to Cocos2d-x. Hope that, all of you are very helpfull! :blush: