NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance

NEW USERS READ THIS! New User Guidance


hi everyone


Hi! Need to fill the 10 chars :slight_smile:


Hello! Happy to be here with everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi :smiley: I’m new to this forum.


Welcome to all of our new developers.


Just posting here to say “hi”, and start a new thread on the forum :slight_smile:

Oh, as a quick intro - I’m the chief evangelist for Karmafy ( - we make games more successful and make the world a better place.

Coming here for a bit of advice on how best to integrate our SDK into the Cocos platform so we can easily help developers that aren’t using Unity :wink:


Hi, I’m new and just wanted to say, this is such a cool platform!


Hi! I’m here to take part at the community.
I’m a very beginner of using APIs so I will try to do my best.


Welcome to all our new users.


Hi, why is cocos2d-x such complete and utter shit when it comes to setting up a basic installation on windows?

I would like to help fix this, but on some level I think the first step is to get rid of every dumbass contributor that has somehow managed to not address the most fundamental issue of just getting a project running.

Please let me know if guidance is needed on explaining why doing something as basic as actually being able to run the large amount of source code that the project has accumulated is important.

Thank you.


What resources did you follow? We have installation docs and I test those each release. Can you tell me where they are failing for you?


Hello everyone, I am starting a project, which will be very useful for many people, after seeing several tools for the creation of 2d games, it seemed to me that cocos is the one that offers the best advantages, I am just learning and once I do I hope to be able to support the community, meanwhile, I hope I can find great support in you to start


Hello, I’m new here (-:


Hi, Cocos2d-x community!
First of all, a BIG thank you to all that were/are/will be involved in making this amazing multi-platform game engine.

We’ve just released our very first mobile game (powered by Cocos-2dx, obviously), and as soon as we can, we’ll be posting it in the showcase section :wink:



Hello, I’ve been using Coco’s for a few months now. I need support on an SDKBox issue, but I guess I have to prove I’m human first. :slight_smile:


it does help. Please post your question as a new topic. You should be able to do so now.


This seems like a cool game engine.
Please tell me the “POWERED BY COCOS CREATOR” watermark is removable


Indeed: Replace preloader graphic?


Obligatory greetings message to my fellow humans that traverse this forum.


Hi. I am new member in this community. I wrote a module for cocos and would like to share it to community.