New UI library; some ideas

New UI library; some ideas
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I’m very impressed with the work done in CocoStudio.
This looks very promising!

The UI library, despite it being so recient, is amazing.
Sadly, its UI is not compatible with current CCControlExtension, so it maybe good idea to concentrate development on this new UI System (better to have a great GUI system than two or three, don’t you think?). This will lead to overall better results, support, and it’s also easier to maintain, understand and work with.

Maybe bringing some CCcontrolExtensions to CocoStudio’s new UI library ?
Of curse, CCControlExtension and CCMenu must still exist, for compatibility.
Also, a short-term solution is not posible, as Mac and specially CocosBuilder users can’t yet benefit from the new UI (even though can still be used coding manually).

Any thoughts? any ideas?

I’m using this new UI for my next project, and so far works great.


It’s great that you like CocoStudio, Ardhan.
You should be able to use CCControlExtension inside the new UI system through UIWidget. Take a look at UINodeContainerTest for example.