New to Cocos2d

New to Cocos2d
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I’m brand new to this community and I’m excited about the possibilities of Cocos2d. I have developed games before and already have some out there on the App Store, but I’m looking to speed up my development time and I hope Cocos2d is it!

Before I did dive right into Cocos2d, I had a couple of questions. 1) Is it possible to publish an app built with Cocos2d onto Amazon? If so, how hard is it and what’s the process? I’m not expecting an detailed overview, just a quick one like - develop your code once and hit publish for Amazon. 2) What’s the best book out there for Cocos2d? Since I’m new to the product, I’ll have to learn about it somewhere!

Thank you!

  1. You publish game developed for Android (*.apk file).
  2. Try this: