New to cocos2d-x. Question.

New to cocos2d-x. Question.
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I am not a programmer. However, cocos2d caught my interest. I thought it would interesting to try to develop games for the iPhone. The problem is, I’m a Windows person. I didn’t want to buy a Mac just to learn Objective-C to use cocos2d. Then I found out about cocos2d-x, and I like the sound of it because it uses C*+ and is for Windows. However, I have a few questions.

  1. First off, is this limited only to Android phones, or could I make games on the iPhone, too? If you can make iPhone games, how exactly do you do it? Don’t you need to have a Mac and get registered with Apple or something? How is it possible to get your games on the app store if you have Windows and use cocos2d-x?
  2. Is this buggy/a lot wrong with it? Or is it ok to make games on?
  3. Like I said, I don’t know much about programming. But, is this literally the same cocos2d, but it just uses C*+ and is on Windows? Or is the program a lot different/modified?

Sorry if these were stupid questions. I’m new to all of this, and I don’t want to try it out unless I know how it works.

  1. On windows, you can write and debug games for all platforms, build and release for android. But when you gonna to build an iphone release pack, and upload to appstore, a mac is required. According to apple’s rule, it’s impossible to get your games to appstore if you have no mac.
  2. Cocos2d-x is proven stability by many commercial products. You can click the “Games” tab in the website navigation and view the games based on cocos2d-x. Recommend games are the ones which hit more than 100,000 downloads, or in appstore top10, or made by public limited companies.
  3. 80 of cocos2d-x is just a c++ translation of cocos2d-iphone, the whole cocos2d-iphone is translated except the async operations which use thread interfaces; and 15 is c++ implementation of several NSxxxx series classes such as CCMutableArray, CCDictionary, CCImage; the left 5% is new features for crossing platform such as CCFileUtils. Generally speaking, it’s very easy to learn and easy to use, especially you have the cocos2d-iphone background.


Alright, thanks for the help. I have one more question. You said in order to get games on the app store, you need to have a Mac.

Now, does that mean you have to “own” a Mac? Could I use someone elses? Two family members of mine both have Macs. Is it possible to go to their house and use their Mac to register my game (or do whatever you need to do)?


A mac is required: buy, rent, borrow, anyway is ok. If you can find a friend using mac but IS NOT a developer, congratulations!
In your situation, you’re so lucky.
After you get the income from your first game, you may wish to “own” a mac then, haha.


Ah, so does that mean only one developer is allowed per Mac?


Yeah, switching between developers is very very boring…