[New Game] paint teh Castle Lite - iOS/Android

[New Game] paint teh Castle Lite - iOS/Android
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hello all

This is our first game build with cocos2d-x.

we are a small game shop born these days. Extremely newbies!
Paint teh Castle Lite is our first mini-game.

It would be nice if other people, different from our team, may share some feedback with us.
We got only few feedback from people so far, so:

*Any criticism and suggestion is welcomed and much appreciated![](*
Even things like “it’s like sh*t, because…” :slight_smile: ; we are doing this as hobby and we are not running any presidential election or popularity contest)
Many thanks!

Top 2 features of Paint the Castle Lite:

  1. Relaxing and calm gameplay;
  2. Discover great castles;

Paint teh Castle Lite version (iTunes and Amazon links)

Trailer gameplay: http://vimeo.com/65666665
More details are on Game website www.painttehcastle.com


Hi Apolinario

The iOS app got major update and is FREE now.

Check it out and if you can drop a line here, I will be grateful!

The Android app from Amazon is on the list for update, but still need some spare moments