New Game - Kitemania Launched developed using cocos2d-x marmalade port

New Game - Kitemania Launched developed using cocos2d-x marmalade port
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Hello Guys,

We are happy to announce that we recently launched our new Game - Kitemania.
This game has been developed using Cocos2d-x Marmalade port.

You can get more info at
Kitemania is available for android and ios platforms

Waiting for your reviews.

Chetan Rana
Maharaja Games


Congrats! Cool game! Tried it on Galaxy Tab but got only 100 pts in timer mode. I’m noob :slight_smile:

Btw, as I know CCLabelTTF is still not implemented in cocos2d-x for marmalade. Did you use TTF fonts with your own implementation or BM fonts?


A bit easy for hard core play just like me. I would like more challenge mode, for example, faster falling speed, longer sentence or a paragraph of poem.
Haha, just a joke. I’m not serious :slight_smile: My curiousity is that, if you used any API that offered by marmalade out of cocos2d-x API set?


Apart from cocos2d-x API set,

  1. I used s3eSound API for sound support in game. I have to used sound files in .raw format
  2. The methods applicationDidEnterBackground() and applicationWillEnterForeground() were not working , so, i used methods available in marmalade - static int PauseCallback(void* systemData, void* userData) and static int UnPauseCallback(void* systemData, void* userData) .
  3. Instead of CCUserDefault , i used s3eSecureStorage API
  4. Currently, i didn’t found how to use ttf fonts in game, so i used bitmap fonts instead. I have to make marmalade extension for support .ttf fonts when using cocos2d-x marmalade port.
  5. I used derbh archive for compressing game assets

I really Appreciate the cocos2d-x team efforts for providing such a great framework.
and, regrading the new feature requests for kitemania, we will keep them in our mind, probably you may find these features in newer versions. We have launched the kitemania 1.1.0 having support for more languages.