[New game] Harlem Shake - The Game

[New game] Harlem Shake - The Game
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Hi guys how are you doing?

Coming to release my second game made in Cocos2d-x, this one I had a designer so I think it was a big step :stuck_out_tongue:

The game is simple, but very addicting, we have manage to develop it in a month or so, and we connected it into a Scoroid (https://www.scoreoid.com/) having a worldwide leaderboard that is seamless connected to our game. We also manage to adapt the Cocos2d-x to post scores into Twitter and Facebook, as well as send email to contact us (this was done in a day :P), but unfortunately the Facebook is not using the SDK3.0, so I think I will change it into the next updates!

We will be working in a WP8 version as well as into the iOS version… Hope you guys enjoy it! And please, give me feedback!


Funny Game!


Matt Andrew wrote:

Funny Game!

Thanks man! :smiley: Hope you have liked it!
Did you got into the rankings?


We have just relesed it for iOS http://bit.ly/hSiPhone


Could you help with integration of facebook and twitter in WP8 game?