New game "Don't Feed the Trolls" released on Android and now on iOS

New game "Don't Feed the Trolls" released on Android and now on iOS
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My game made with cocos2d-x has just been published on Google Play: !
After a first failed approval, the iOS version is now available too:
Feel free to try the game and tell me what you think about it (!
Thanks again guys for the great framework.



Congratulations! But google play said the app cannot be installed in my country, oooooops :frowning:


Hum, weird.
What’s your country? China?
I made an update on the developer console, can you try again?
Also, the game includes in-app payments, are in-app payment enabled apps working in China? Did it already happen with other apps?


This could explain it:
Hopefully, iOS games are available in your country. The iOS version should be available next week.


you should put NOT YOUR REGULAR WHACK-A-MOLE as the first line of the app description since i was totally thinking that it was going to be another boring whack-a-mole until i played it and enjoyed it! also how did you get the .apk size so small? how big is your assets folder?


I’m glad you liked it. In fact, I did not want to have “whack-a-mole” at all on the game description. But you might be right, I’ll think about it.
About my assets, here are the sizes, before zipping:
Art: 4.7 Mb
Fonts: 0.23 Mb
Sound/Music : 1.0 Mb
Other: 0.12 Mb
I packed my textures properly though, read about it here if you want:


I’ll definitely check out the article seeing that my small word game weighs in at 83.7Mb for the android folder and 12Mb for the assets folder alone that puts my apk at 12.6Mb.

As for the game description, i only downloaded since you posted here, but at first i watched the video and made an assumption that it’s just another boring whack-a-mole game but after playing for a minute i changed my mind for the better. That’s why i think you should catch the viewers attention with something, i think the troll slap should be incorporated in the banner or video or both ( i image the banner as it is now but the trolls face is changed to the slapped one and there’s a big drawn finger to the right or left and a line drawn across the trolls face implying that the finger swiped across and maybe some text saying something along the lines of “Slap The Troll” i think that would get people interested ).

Its a fun game and i would hate it not getting noticed.


also please make something along the lines of

void MainMenu::keyBackClicked()

i hate not being able to close an app with the back key on my tab 10.1 ( dunno if you can close it differently on phones ) then i have to go to the app manager and force close it.


You’re not the first person to tell me that. I’m currently implementing it for the next update (with a confirmation message box)


The iOS version is now live. It is available in all app stores Worldwide


Hey Frozax

I downloaded the android version and made a 5 stars rating!

I readed that the first submit failed , can you describe what apple said or say some tips that you passed! I will start the process of review and want to know what can reject my game,

At start my game dont have leaks of memory , and dont crash in ios (android is another history kkk)


Frozax Games wrote:

The iOS version is now live. It is available in all app stores Worldwide


Thanks for the rating.
My first version was failed for a crazy reason : they found out my main menu looked like Apple springboard (it honestly didn’t). I submitted another version after removing the rounded corners of the icons of my menus and everything went fine.