New Book release

New Book release
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《Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development》

It is the first book for cocos2d.

And may be we can write a book named:《Learn Cocos2d-x Game Development》,haha


bob, author of this book Steffen Itterheim has registered on our website, and is the observer of cocos2d-iphone-cpp project. He sell this PDF ebook for $28 , and must not like to see the free downloads.

Another thing is that, how about the airplaysdk port of cocos2d-x? Would you like to take charge of this work?


OK, I got it. I will modify the post.haha

And the other thing is about the airplay sdk. Now I am so busy with my job, and if I have time, I will work on this issue as soon as possible.Porting cocos2d-x to airplay is good for indie game developers if some guy wants to deploy his game to different platform as many as possible.


Technically, Apress is selling the book, not me. :wink:

Btw, the link to the book is (your link points to the shopping cart).