New book of interviews, with game developers using Cocos2dX

New book of interviews, with game developers using Cocos2dX
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I’m finalising a book of 38 interviews with mobile game engine developers using off-the-shelf game engines. Cocos2dX is among the engines covered.

The title is “Mobile Game Engines: Interviews with Mobile Game Developers” and I’ve put up a landing page some the cover, the blurb and some details at

I’m still trying to figure out how to best describe the book and I figure there are many people on this forum that know a thing or two about marketing and promoting their games.

For example, would you be interested enough to read it? If so, are you able to put into words what interests you or what you are eager to find out from reading the book? If not, why, how did I miss the mark?

For me it was curiosity into the processes used by other developers to choose and working with third party frameworks that is what drove me to put the book together in the first place. It’s such a critical decision that has to made right at the start of the project and influences so many of the technical decisions for the rest of the project.



good to hear you are writing a book covering cocos2d-x

but i cant open the link you provided


Very sorry to hear that.

The link works for me and many others. Try accessing and clicking through to the book from the home page.

The cocos2d-x interview in the book was with Joe Paiva Espindola and his game Brasil Quest, and between us it a very interesting read!


It appears that your site is blocked by the Great firewall of China

I hope the book covers social integration for cocos2d-x like openfeint, game center