NEW ACTION RPG - Song of Swords

NEW ACTION RPG - Song of Swords
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Hello all,

We are a small group and just released a new Action RPG - Song Of Swords exclusively for Blackberry 10. Its fresh, new with storyline and cute characters. The development has been purely with Cocos2d-X, so cheers to effort of Cocos2d-X Dev.

Here are few videos of the gameplay:

If you guys like our work please share your comments and reviews.

BB App world link -

Visit us at -
Like us at -

If you don’t have a BB Phone … Its going to launch on other platforms soon. So keep supporting us :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks & Cheers

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seems interesting, play as viking, pirates, aztec and priest? haha,
surely this game is epic,
but the graphic seems so rigid, make the animation more smooth and dynamic,
overall good game (y)


Hey Kin,

Thanks for your reply. Its good to get a positive review from you.
We wanted animations to be more real world than comic style. But sure thing we will try to improve as per your suggestions.

Thanks again a lot for replying ! cheers :slight_smile: