Needing help with HTML5 ad placement

Needing help with HTML5 ad placement
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Hi, I’m trying to place an ad (google ads long horizontal of 729px*90px) below my game’s canvas (landscape), and what I wish to accomplish is to have the game occupying 100% of the width and and only 90% of the height (or whatever the current window size -90px is).

I thought I would be able to simply place the canvas within a <div> with the propper css properties, but I’m not achieving the desired effect.

BTW: I’m using SHOW_ALL as resolution policy.



Hi, I tried with such style and it works, hope it will work for you too

div style="width: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0px; bottom: 90px; height: auto;"



Thanks! I’m now sure what I was doing wrong…

PS: the way you are posting code is breaking my notifications page here in the forums. Could you surround it with triple tildes please? '^^


No problem, the behavior is very strange when I post some html code