Need to hire cocos2d-x programmer

Need to hire cocos2d-x programmer
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I have several games for iOS in App Store, but want to start developing for Android as well.

I am looking for somebody that is willing to create 2 or 3 simple games with Cocos2d-x that I can release for Android as well as iOS.

I have purchased the Paralaxer iPhone Game Kit, so that could optionally be a starting place.

I have employer accounts on,, and so you can see I am a valid employer and that I always pay for the work I have done. We can work thru any one of these, or just deal directly.

PM me if you are interested, or leave a reply with your email address.



hi, my e-mail -


Ok thanks for reply… will send you an email later today or tomorrow.


So if it actual please contact me.

Good luck!