Need some idea for making game

Need some idea for making game
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Hi! guys. I’m a real beginner with Cocos2d x. I want to make a game and I met some problem, but I don’t know how to deal with. I need idea from you guys who all had experiences more than me. I know you guys tired of writing code so please just sent me your idea or process that I should do to completed these task. Here are my problem:

~~Character run ultimate on platform and can fall in hole or eat coin
~~Have obstacle(it is good if i can plan in before hand not just randomly)
-I have sprite sheet of my character that can run, jump, double jump and slide etc as I follow this tutorial [[]] I can only run one animation at a time and it crash when i try to add new animation.

And thank you so much for helping.


If u are beginer in CoCos2d-x maby try something more simply and then upgrade your code 2 something complicated.
If u have platform and u want your character just to run on top of this, use CCRect - your character is a Rect and platform is a Rect too. U can check (useing 4 example function intersectsRect, or simply checking positions of Rects) if they are close or they cordinates x/y are the same. Then u move character Rect in possition (chords) on top of platform.

Code you own gravity (2 let your character fall down) like in this tutorial: in “Update the player movement”.


Hey thank you so much. I’ll try ur suggestion.