Need Help, best way to switch arm, arm7 & x86 build APK without clean & rebuild


since 3.15 building APK with android studio have different behaviour, so when i lastly build arm APK, and then i changed to arm7, the existing arm lib still compiled, so my latest APK have multiple support to arm and arm7 which increase APK size, to avoid that, i have to clean & rebuild.
However in near future i still need that arm lib, and recompiling again is not efficient everytime i want to release them to the store.
Is there any solution for this case? any solution other than creating 3 for each abi. :rofl:


Just to point you into a direction. Use flavors with abi-filter. See the example here. And you can compile only single flavors within Android Studio or command line.

This way you don’t need to create 3 different projects :wink:


Thank you, i will try it next saturday…