NDK: GDBserver not started properly

NDK: GDBserver not started properly
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I was using the Tegra Android Developer Pack in eclipse to debug my native c++ android application and it was working fine till i upgraded to Xcode 5. After that every time i try to debug as “Android NDK Application” i get the error:

NDK: Gdbserver not started properly NDK: Launch error: Failed to connect to remote VM

I am pretty sure that upgrading to Xcode 5 is responsible for this error; I just can’t figure out how to fix it. I have tried using the option “APK Bundled” under Gdbserer settings, but it just gets stuck at “waiting for debugger to settle” no matter how long i leave it on for. How do i fix this? I need to have native debugging working for my c++ android apps.



Bump! Anyone? Im really stumped.


So how does one debug cocos2dx on android? my project works fine in Xcode but crashes when i deploy the api.