NDK crash reports on Android Developer Console

NDK crash reports on Android Developer Console
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As I know, as a developer you don’t get crash reports on the Android Developer Console when the crash happens in a native NDK application like one developed with cocos2d-x, unlike when using Java when you can easily track the crashes the users experienced.
I’ve heard people talking about somehow integrating Google-breakpad to do the job for you but I don’t really understand how that should work as Google-breakpad at best can only generate a file on the phone that contains the crash report, but I don’t know how one should get that to be visible on the Android Developer Console.

So my question is did anybody figure out a way that a crash in your cocos2d-x app gets reported to the Android Developer Console?

I hope somebody here can help with this. This probably is a common problem. Now if a user experiences a crash in my app, I won’t know about it happening which is not cool.


Here you go few links for good start