My Frame Animation does't work

My Frame Animation does't work
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Forgive my poor English,我是新手,想用Cocos2D-HTML5做毕业设计,网上没什么教程,只能通过Test cases里面的例子来学习,研究帧动画好几天了,还是没成功,加载结束后,加载完成后屏幕是黑的,不知道问题出在哪里。希望可以帮忙更正一下,谢谢!Hope someone can fix it,thanks!Here is my code:


Hi, I have checked your code.

However, it stops on loading resources, because some of your resources are lost, such as player images, etc.

I will try to fix it and comment out lost resources.


I find out one of my mistakes,after using Phtoshop to desing images,we have to save it as Web Using Fomat or the Animation won’t work.And I have add the image resources which are lost,but it still doesn’t works.Is there any others wrong with it.Here is my new code:
Thanks for your help!