my First App

my First App
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Dear Team

Thanks to the advise in this forum of Walzer Wang and others , we released the app on android market and waiting for appStore.
We came from Qt world but too upset by Nokia decision and Meego… we didnt have choice to look at an another good framework and other plateform…COCO2D-X came to the rescue.
Today we released an applicaton that run on ios and android.

to be continued…

david G

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Some guys in this community are porting cocos2d-x onto Qt. Do you think this platform valuable?



When CEO Elop change the strategy to go to windows and leave QT dev , meego it was a big tragedy in the dev communauty, as they lost their market share in the smartphone space.

if nokia windows mobile s fail then…qt and meego mobile will be back (why not android 4???) until then it s doable only for fun.
QT is really cool.
please read what developers said about meego and intel leaves….

Nokia was not cool either with n9, very expensive and few countries targeted what a faillure.

lets wait and see ,



@Walzer I think it’s great news.

Porting cocos2d-x onto QT opens a lot of possibilities.





lets do it !


but before qt modular how to reduce the size of the distribution qnd runtime dependency ???
because it s quite huge…no?
that is in case of plateform differents fro, symbian/meego of course)


There is a project named Necessitas. It’s the port of Qt on the Android Operating System. It provides a installer based on BogDan Vatra’s Ministro.

Ministro is a deployment service which makes sure that the right Qt libraries are present on the end users’ device and your application does just run. It downloads all needed libraries.

It means that the first time you install an app based on QT, it will download required libraries. After that new QT applications will use the already download libraries.

I think we could use same the solution. We could even use Ministro for Cocos2d-x port on QT. I believe it won’t be too hard to use it.

You can read and watch a video about QT on Android + Ministro installer here.

As a curiosity, you can see an interview with BodDan Vatra here





For those interested into give a try on QT port to android, you can get apks here






it s a beautifull idea but we needed to fight to make work event the sound !
and having to download an external application or depending of an another apps to loads a lot of dependency (qtcore+qtopengl) will cost you 7 mega minimal more ….

we use it for a while but really , smallfootprint is better no ?


@dgu dgu You’re write. Size matters.

But it will be just for the first time. After that every game / application will benefits form the already installed libraries (they are installed system wide).

That’s the way QT works on Nokia devices.

Moreover, Ministro is open source, so we can change it and adapt it to be part of cocos2d-x.




  1. Besides migrate cocos2d-x to Qt on mobile devices, my first aim is to use Qt on desktop systems, such as windows, linux & osx. This approach can make us develop editors / tools for cocos2d easier. What about your opinions?

  2. The design of cocos2d-x + mobile platform works well currently. We have tried cocos2d-x + multi-platform-middleware + mobile platform, just like our marmalade port, rarely people are using this port. If we port cocos2d-x onto Necessitas, then lay the whole big case on mobile platforms, it probably will turn out the same result. The disadvantage is very obvious, superimposing frameworks together will raise the bar, require more time for studying & debugging. After all, easy to learn & easy to use is one of the principles of cocos2d.


@Walzer Hi.

About 1: It’s an absolute amazing idea.

My considerations regards item 2 follow bellow.

I don’t know why people don’t use cocos2d-x for Marmalade. Some guesses:

* maybe because they dislike cocos2d.
* maybe because they are not aware of it.
* maybe because it has it’s own graphical functions and they prefer to stay with them instead of relaying on a third party maintainance. I ’m almost sure it’s it because I would thing: Marmalade always will support there own graphical functions, but what about this cocos2d-x port? They are not Marmalade. They may decide to give up this port and I will have a lot of trouble to port from cocos2d-x into Marmalade natives APIs.

I feel that if cocos2d-x had the possibility to be multi-platform as Marmalade is, it would make life easier for both cocos2d-x developers (you guys) and cocos2d-x users (like me).

Let me put some points so we can try to figure out what would be less work / more productive:

  • at the moment, there are many ports of cocos2d-x (5):
    > android
    > iphone
    > windows
    > linux
    > mac

For each new platform you guys have a lot of work to keep it, right? Now imagine cocos2d-x running on Bada and Symbian. It would mean 7 different ports to maintain.

Let me examine Cocos2d-x on QT:
QT currently running on

windows CE
windows Mobile

BogDan Vatra, the guy which ported QT for Android, is working in a port to Bada (you can see it here). It means a new supported platform and more opportunities.

Today you guys expend many time adapting the C++ code under cocos2d-x to deal with idiosyncracies of each platform. With QT, on the other hand, it won’t be your business. There are many great guys developing QT in order to make it as transparent as possible for QT users, no matter what platform it will run on.

You won’t need to reinvent the wheel because QT framework is so powerful and has too many auxiliar classes for almost anything we can need. You will use you precious time with what really matter: improving cocos2d-x.

Moreover, for each new platform QT were ported, cocos2d-x will be ported with almost no extra effort (if any) of you guys.

I know decision is up to you guys, but if it were up to me, I would do the following:

  • create two groups: a group to port cocos2d-x to QT and the other one to keep all platforms
  • port cocos2d-x for QT and after that I would discontinue other ports.

It seems to me that in the long term using QT as the framework for cocos2d-x development will have much more advantages than supporting multiple platforms.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that there wouldn’t be any problem for users to use cocos2d-x for QT because:

* in this case you’re not the third party guys (as it happens on marmalade port)
* conversion from any actual cocos2d-x project into cocos2d-x for QT would be almost a matter of import resources into the QT Creator IDE and compile it. A conversion tool could do the job.




One more point:

With QT it would be possible to draw screens using a graphical tool named Qt Quick. It’s easier to use and with less code to type.

You can see here some games made with QT Quick and here a presentation.

You can even create your own components to use with QT Quick.

I’m porting my game Even Or Odd for Android to Symbian and it was a breeze.

Sorry if I seem to polarized about QT (but I am really a big fan of QT) .





i was a big fan before Elop.
qtgraphical view was superbe as well and the statemachine quite handy for animation , i miss signal slot ….boost c++ will do it….
for gaming it s not really ready as qtpainter is suffering alot of performance.
and paying a runtime of 10 mega more i dont think people wil go white it.
Symbian is obviously not the future.

Coco2d ,nvidia android framework or powervr (ios and android) does it lite and very well with small footprint.

i am not convince anymore, and the market show that as well, but sure we never know…

Kind regards


@dgu dgu I dislike Elop too (who doesn’t?). As far as I am concerned, I don’t car Nokia’s future. I won’t start complaining about it because that’s not the appropriate forum.

Anyway, QT community is bigger than any company. Remember that QT is open source :wink:




i love qt too i am just waiting a market for it……i spent some nite playing with qt android fighting with jni or opengl, qt ios ( too big)

sure we are fan , let s see what will happend…

Happy coding



@Walzer You told us that some guys were porting cocos2d-x to QT. Do you have any news about this ?




Hello my friend,

I started on my free times ,i will push what i have done in january , it s finally a good idea, there a lot of symbian out there….
I will be able to work at 40 % for it beginning 2012 , it s important to try to contribute

Kind regards


Hi, dgu dgu

I’m glad to hear these news.