Multiple preloading of the background music


I am using CocosDenshion for playing background music. I want to create some playlist which will be playing across scenes. Now, I am preloading several tracks using preloadBackgroundMusic during scene loading. And then just call playBackgroundMusic() when previous track is stopped for some specified time.
The problem is that each playBackgroundMusic() stuck the game for a while - it seems that there is a standard loading of the track even if I was preloaded it.
Can I somehow preload more than one tracks?

(I am using the last stable version of CocosDenshion).

Thanks for help:-)

Jiri Formanek


Because now only supports one background music at a time.
There is not effect to preload more background musics.


When will preloading of multiple background tracks be implemented? In my current game I want to switch between several different background tracks depending on the game state and as it is now my game lags at every background music switch. :frowning:


Is there any plan to support multiple background music files. Is there any workaround to have this working ?