Multiple animations in 1 png/plist file

Multiple animations in 1 png/plist file
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Hi, I am fairly new to iPhone development and i am currently using cocos2dx.
My question is about having multiple animations in one png and plist file and how/ if this is best practices.
currently I am using texturePacker for creating my png and plists and when adding single frames i was wondering if i could catagerize them as animations, or if i should be making separate plists/packed png’s for this.

Appreciate the help


The lesser plist you have the better.


During my Android tests I found that loading sprite sheets larger than 1024x1024 took MUCH longer than simply loading 4 1024x1024 sheets would. So my advice is to use sheets no larger than 1024x1024 but as few as possible.

Also remember your best gains in efficiency come from fewer batch nodes with more sprites on them. So try to get the most commonly drawn objects all together on one batch/sheet.