Multiplayer Games?

Multiplayer Games?
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Hi Guys,

Any tutorial/links about starting up a multiplayer games using Cocos2D-x?



I’m not sure about Android but you can do multiplayer in iOS using Game Center. All you have to do is to wrap Obj-C classes into C++.


Thanks! But I am looking for cross-platform gameplay solution. i.e. platform can compete irrespective of platform.

BTW Does GameCenter supports synchronous game play or just the turn based games only?


You can use libCURL with a web server (either online or on another device). This will give you full cross platform support with synchronous game play.


you can also use this small piece of gold

I never tried it from cocos2dx, but I think they have a C++ API, and your players will be able to play VS players on any platform, since the framework is X-Platform.