Multi-project setup v. 2.2.2

Multi-project setup v. 2.2.2
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I’m a little puzzled by the multi project creator script behavior ($COCOS2D-X_HOME/tools/project-creator/
When creating a new project, a significant (perhaps the entire) part of the $COCOS2D-X_HOME folder is copied into the newly minted project folder.

However, I’d prefer a single instance of Cocos2d-x which I could link in, so that I have only one source base to keep up to date with github. Isn’t this in a sense best practice? I’m guessing things are done this way for a good reason, which leads me to the real question:

Is there a script or similar which will update the copy of cocos2d-x in the project folder, so as to easily keep up to date with the origin repository? Thanks! :slight_smile:


So, in case anyone else is wondering, I decide to go for linking in from a single repository.

For the Xcode users out there, replace the iOS subproject provided by the setup script with the subproject $COCOS2D-X_HOME/build/cocos2d_libs.xcodeproj. Remember to add the iOS targets to the “Target Dependencies” in the build phases settings, and link the desired libraries in the “Link Binary With Libraries” build phase. See for details.