Multi-Language not support

Multi-Language not support
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In the cocos2d-x with Airplay, i want to use multi-language, but when we set a unicode string in CCLabelBMFont it convert in ascii. when i debug it, i found that it’s a double byte char problem. if some one have any solution than please help me. for it, am create a function but it can’t work.

std::string utf8_encode(const std::string wstr)
    const int maxCaptionLength =  strlen(wstr.c_str()); 
    ucs2char inBuffer[maxCaptionLength + 1];  
    int inChars = IwUTF8ToWideChar(wstr.c_str(), -1, inBuffer, sizeof(inBuffer)/sizeof(inBuffer[0]));
    std::string strTo( inChars, 0 );

    if (0 <= inChars && inChars <= maxCaptionLength)
        char outBuffer[4 * maxCaptionLength + 1];
        int outBytes = IwWideCharToUTF8(inBuffer, -1, outBuffer, sizeof(outBuffer)/sizeof(outBuffer[0])); 
        strTo = outBuffer;
    return strTo;


Why do you use IwUTF8ToWideChar to change unicode to utf-8?
I think the function is used for changing UTF8 to unicode. Is there some functions like IwWideCharToUTF8?