Mulriple inheritance & callfunc selectors

Mulriple inheritance & callfunc selectors
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I`m having some troubles with colmpiling our iOS project under Windows.
Here s example code:

class Foo
    virtual void f1(){}

class Bar : public Foo, public cocos2d::CCNode
    Bar()   {ptr="S";}

    void f2()
        assert(*ptr=='S');  //acces voilation here
    char* ptr;

//somewhere in code
Bar* bar=new Bar;
bar->runAction( CCCallFunc::actionWithTarget(bar, callfunc_selector(Bar::f2)) );

Program crashes at f2 call, but work correctly under iOS (possibly, with previous version of cocos2dx, without dynamic casts).
If i change inheritance order, program works. If there is no virtual functions in Foo, it works.
On previous versions of cocos2dx i could do

CCCallFunc::actionWithTarget(reinterpret_cast(bar), callfunc_selector(Bar::f2))

but now it crashes even before f2 call.

Is there any solution (exept changing inheritance order)?