Mp3 supporting...

Mp3 supporting...
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Hi guys, On wiki is written:

windows | .mid, .wav are supported. Note that mp3 is not supported.

But as I’m stubborn so I tried it and it’s works! So is it some “unsupported feature” or wiki is out of date?


By the way, what about supported formates for other desctop platforms like Linux and MacOs ?
Windows also duport fine .wma for audio that is free. I think it’s much better for music than.wav but I disapointed that there are no information about they supporting


I don’t know if windows supports mp3 but this is a proprietary format so maybe it would be better not to use it anyway.


Most of the stuff on the wiki is outdated but people are constantly trying to update it whenever they can. If you can, you could also do some edits and share your own knowledge to the community.