Moving away from LabelTTF help


I have used LabelTTF a lot. In rc0 LabelTTF is deprecated and combined with Label.

I tried switching to just Label, but you cannot add Children to a Label, where I could from LabelTTF.

What can I do? I probably have 100 instances of LabelTTF in my code and I do add children to them.

So what is the best way to move away from LabelTTF?

I picked doing things this way because I liked the Marker Felt.ttf font…


Why add child to a Label?


well, sometimes you are laying out a HUD that might contain a Sprite, text and a button all in a row and maybe many rows.

I just found it easier to make position based upon the item before it in the row.


@slackmoehrle I suggest you create one node and left it as label’s parent node.