Moving and transitioning between Scenes like iOS app screen

Moving and transitioning between Scenes like iOS app screen
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Hi, I’d like to make a series of screen like iOS app screen, where all the app icons are located. I was using CCTransitionSlideInR and CCTransitionSlideInL but that works only when the player swipe left/right, as I cannot cancel the transition and go the other way if when the player cancel the move.

I create my own CCLayer extension that holds the current scene and the next scene, and try to animate the two scenes together, but I was unable to add the two scenes into the container scene as they already has parent.

I also tried extending CCTransitionSlideInL and extend CCTouchDelegate in order to try to capture ccTouchesMove, but the ccTouchesMove never get called, and in visit() I cannot get / intercept the currently running animation…

I am very new to cocos2dx, any help is greatly appreciated…



I am new to cocos2d-x too.
I whould try to create a CCLayer container. You could add other CCLAyers to it which are positioned one after the other (like cards).
Then you can scroll the CCLayer container as you like (using transitions or cancel transitions)

Is it right for your needs?