Motion streak not appearing - cocos2d-2.1rc0-x-2.1.3

Motion streak not appearing - cocos2d-2.1rc0-x-2.1.3
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I’m fairly experienced in cocos2d-x, and it seems that the motion streak code which should just work seems to be not working for me. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. My requirement is that I’d like to use motion streak to draw some glowing lines. As a simple test, I did the following in my main scene class init method (I’m developing for iOS 7.0).

CCMotionStreak* streak = CCMotionStreak::create(5, 4, 2, ccWHITE, "strike.png"); this->addChild(streak); streak->reset(); streak->setPosition(ccp(100,100)); streak->setPosition(ccp(100,200)); streak->setPosition(ccp(200,200)); streak->setPosition(ccp(200,100));

I assume this should draw me a box. I checked out the samples in TestCpp and all they do is change the position. The samples do work for me, so I must be doing something wrong here (this shows that there is nothing wrong with the cocos2d-x version I’m using).

Hope someone can kindly tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance.