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MoSync port
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Hi guys,
I am just starting with Cocos2d and I think I would love it.

You made a great work with porting it for Airplay SDK, but when Airplay transform into Marmalade it doesn’t seem to be good option for Indie Developers with thier new pricing policy.
What about porting Cocos2d-x to fully free open source MoSync?

I would to try port it myself but I am afraid I am not skilled enough.
There would be any problems with that port?


Come on! Any problems in porting it, please let me know.


I am here also because Airplay SDK is no longer so good option for indies (iphone developement is no longer free with airplay). I am looking for some other free solutions to write iphone apps (to be more specific 2d games) on windows. Jakub: I am not sure if you want to make iphone apps but if you do then as far as I know to compile iphone app made with MoSync you still need to have a mac. Anyway if you still plan to port it then I wish you good luck :slight_smile:


Oh, when airplay changed its fees plan?


Leszek: Look this:
There is an information, that you can deploy for iPhone without Mac. Thier showcase isn’t impresive, but it is a fresh project I guess, so with time it should be better.

Walzer: They changed that two days ago. The equivalent license of old Indie License for 99$ (all platforms without splash screen for small studios and indies) costs now 499$ annually.

I bought Airplay License less than month ago so I still have 11 months to use it, but I don’t know if I would be interested in Airplay for almost 500$ and if it worth to invest my time to know it.