MoonWarriors sample will not open in Chrome

MoonWarriors sample will not open in Chrome
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MoonWarriors will not open in chrome
Downloaded Cocos2d-JS 3.0 alpha, and clicked on js-moonwarriors/index.html in Chrome browser produced white screen.

I have tried doing this in Windows, and it works, but on Mac it does not work. Also, when I copy the js-moonwarriors folder outside of Cocos2d-JS 3.0 alpha, it no longer works on chrome in windows either.

Let me know of some simple way to to copy and paste some template files in the Cocos2d-JS download folder such that it is a working template across platforms, which will work in Chrome when I click on the index.html. As well as that, I would appreciate a recommendation for a free IDE which works well with JavaScript/Cocos2d-JS

Thank you.


The issue you maybe having is you may not be using a local server such as apache, XAMPP is our recommendation and copy and paste the folder there and run it through the webbrowser using local host.

This maybe of some help

We recommend doing it on a Mac if you have access to one constantly.