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Misted Window
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If you remember “Qix” or “Gals Panic” like games here is another remake of them -
“Misted Window” for Android is on Google Play already


The rules are simple - avoid enemies, capture the misted area and try to pick up bonuses and power ups

P.S. I had no chance to test it on target devices, many bugs are expected XD if you catch one of them, please let me know

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a special game!:slight_smile:


short gameplay video in best quality I could capture =)

btw, is there any problem using images like girls in bikini in games? even you guys changed my game icon


Hi Misted Window,

I liked your game :slight_smile:

It’s well executed and the UI contains a lot of small details.

Did you developed it without any devices, just with the simulator?


Hi RavalMatic BCN,

sometimes I did borrow devices, but mostly it was done in emulator. now I have galaxy tab7, playbook from RIM, iPhone 3gs. Game is running all the same in all of them. But it turns out that on smaller devices like Galaxy 5500 RenderedTexture is shown like that:

Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]

I dont know why and I dont feel like I want to fix it, there are not many players out there =(

Now I will try to submit it for blackberry because of their “free BB Playbook” program.

And if anyone have Apple dev account and want to publish this game, please contact me. I thought I will get Apple account for myself, but seems like it doesn’t worth it =)

There are a lot of details indeed, but it wasn’t necessary to do them, now I understand that I’ve spent too much time on this project and get back only experience from it =)