missing lua_cocos2dx_auto.cpp

missing lua_cocos2dx_auto.cpp
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I try to compile the latest cocos2d-x code, but got a “missing lua_cocos2dx_auto.cpp” message.
Where can I locate this file?

Thanks for your help.


You should update submodule.In the latest version,this files is auto generated by the submoule.


I’m trying to build for iOS/Mac and i get the same error (also when building the javascript bindings). I get this after a clean checkout of the source and just trying to build the “build-all-libs iOS” target in Xcode. Is there some script I should run prior to trying to build in Xcode?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:



Is the code which you build pulled from the git?Did you use the “git submodule update —init”?


Yes I had downloaded from the Git repository, and no I hadn’t updated the submodule - there is nothing in the read me (unless I am blind?) about that. After running the submodule update command now everything works fine.


I was stuck with this problem, and “git submodule update —init” fixed things for me too.
Thanks samuele3 hu!