Missing getWritablePath in Cocos2D-JSB version 3 alpha

Missing getWritablePath in Cocos2D-JSB version 3 alpha
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Hi guys,

I was just porting my game to v3 alpha (written in JS on cocos2d-x JSB)
And I noticed that getWritablePath is gone from it’s FileUtils class.
Is there a renamed method / alternative for this now?

This piece of code:

fu = cc.FileUtils.getInstance(); cc.log(fu); this.wp = fu.getWritablePath();

Works on cocos2d-x jsb 2.x
Gives this error on v3 alpha:

cocos2d: JS: [object FileUtils] cocos2d: JS: TypeError: fu.getWritablePath is not a function


it is removed from html5, however, you can still use it on jsb



Sorry I got it wrong


This function haven’t been binded in Cocos2d-JS 3.0a, but it will be added in beta version.



Ok thanks you guys! Then I’ll stay away from upgrading right now.
I create a custom filesystem module for storing game data that is binded to cocos2d-JSB that is using getWritablePath.