missing dlls

missing dlls
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Hi cocos users
I have a problem with cocos.
To compile the HelloWorld project, it complain about “libgles_cm.lib”.
So I’ve installed the powervr from this site:
It has all necessary files. Ok.
So, I have 2 questions:

  1. Is this the best version of powervr?
  2. When I try to execute some cocos app it complains about “libxml2.dll”. What lib do you use guys?


You might want to give some more information. What is “some cocos app”? The tests or Helloworld program? Your own app? And if so, does your app live inside or outside the Cocos2d-x directory tree?

You can find all the required libraries (both static and dynamic) at $cocos2d-x_root/cocos2dx/platform/win32/third_party/libraries

No need to download anything more than what you’ve already got there :wink:


Is HelloWorld program and my app.
Sorry, I haven’t seen this directory. Thanks for your reply.