Mingw instead of Cygwin

Mingw instead of Cygwin
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Hi, folks.

I’d like to give a try on Cocos2D-x.

I read that on Windows it’s suggested the use of cygwin but I prefer mingw.

I read in two posts ([[http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/10/topics/1653?r=1656#message-1656]] and [[http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/10/topics/524]]) that some people use “mingw + patch”.

It makes me wonder that I cannot just download original mingw binaries. Is that? So, what is this patch and where could I download it?

Best regards.



During my research on google to find out what it means mingw + patch referred in this forum I came across a plugin that seems very interesting:

vi-android (you can get it here: http://code.google.com/p/vs-android/)

According to the site:

vs-android is intended to provide a collection of scripts and utilities to support integrated development of Android NDK C/C+ software under Microsoft Visual Studio.
Currently vs-android only works under Visual Studio 2010. Earlier versions lack the MSBuild integration with the C/C
+ compilation systems.


  • Compile and link Android C/C++ projects within Visual Studio.
  • Integrated development, no makefiles. Works as another ‘Platform’ type.
  • Android settings co-exist within the same VS projects as other platforms.
  • Supports static library projects, and links them in if marked as project dependencies.
  • Intellisense and ‘External Dependencies’ correctly pull in Android NDK headers.
  • Cygwin install is not required.
  • Over twice as fast as using ndk-build under Cygwin. For full rebuilds, and incremental changes.
  • Ctrl-F7: compile single file functions, has no dependency checking wait.
  • Applications build to .apk package files, and can be deployed and ran using vs-android.
  • Supports selection of STL types, Arm Architecture, and API versions.
  • Support for the x86 toolchain introduced with the r6 SDK.

Does anyone have used vs-android? I will give a try on it.


Hoping for your good news.


Any news ?
I’ve created a visual studio project wich compiles cocos2d-x lib (and cocodenshion), but I can’t make it work with the samples, I have problem with the static library linking (“multiple definition of `__dso_handle’”), so I gave up :frowning:
So far, I can only create the libs in release and debug version.