Menu with scrollable pages

Menu with scrollable pages
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i am in the final stage of development of our game (pheww…it was a long journey…).
I am writing the code for the menu.

For the group level selection (and the level selection), i want to do our
menu exactly like Angry Bird (and like other thousand of games out there ;).
Well, at least initially.

I have N pages that should be scrollable with the finger, with an automatic centering of the current page (with a decelerating movement effect).
Every page has at its center a sprite that will represents the level group (or a collection of level icons).
In the background, i will put something like an image or an animated background.

Does cocos2d-x provides some useful class to do scrollable pages?
I would really love to read something more detailed of the class reference of cocos2d-x.
Example code is really welcome!

Thank you guys!


CCListView, tutorial here: