Memory Of Game Too Large

Memory Of Game Too Large
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Hello Everybody!
I have issues with RAM in cocos2d-x 2.2.2 WP8.
When my game run in iOS, max RAM is 87Mb
but, when run in WP8, usage large than 150Mb, and out of memory.

Please help me.


Yeah, angleproject uses twice the memory for textures. This is part of its design. Given the limited memory on the Windows Phone, developers should not use extremely large textures.


Stay tuned, as we have just deployed the new renderer, which allows us to write direct-x renderer easily, so Cocos2d does not have to rely on the AngleProject


Thank you.
ie I must wait for 3.0 version. :slight_smile:


I am facing a issue. while loading some texture randomly getting the exception “report no memory” somewhere in the game.
Is it because of same reason ?

and if yes…can u provide new renderer or need to wait for 3.0 version ?