Max texture size on opengl es 2.0 device

Max texture size on opengl es 2.0 device
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Does anyone know if all devices with OpenGL ES 2.0 support at least 2048x2048? I found this: so it looks like all iOS devices with opengl es 2.0 support textures of size 2048x2048 but what about android devices? Do you think that it is safe to use 2048x2048 with cocos2d-x 2.x.x or you stick with max 1024x1024?


I found the answer. It is only guaranted that minimum texture size with opengl es 2.0 is 64x64 (yes 64! so I will stick with 1024x1024.


I think it could be nice if Google allowed us to filter out devices by their Max Texture sizes.
Today (2016), most device should support 2048x2048 texture size.
A possible solution is to query the max texture size when loading the App and pop up a dialog if it’s not supported.