Marmalade folder missing...

Marmalade folder missing...
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I want to create a cocos2d-x project with marmalade and I have downloaded the latest version of cocos2d-x but I can’t seem to find the Marmalade folder…

Here is the last version:

There is no Marmalade directory…



Please take a look at message#16898, Tim Closs, Marmalade’s CTO replied in that thread.


Hi! Thank you!

Now I have HelloWorld project running with Xcode 4.5.1 and Marmalade 6.1.1 (Mac OS X Mountain Lion). I can successfully build it in Debug (x86) > My Mac 32-bit and Release (x86) > My Mac 32-bit modes but i got an error when I try to build it in Debug GCC (ARM) > My Mac 32-bit and Release GCC (ARM) > My Mac 32-bit… I have done what that link says

SysGlesVersion = 1

and indeed it solved one of the problems but now I have this problem:

“eglMakeCurrent creation failed” (take a look at attachment1.jpg, please)

I would like to create a project for Blackberry Playbook with Cocos2d-x and Marmalade but if I can’t build it for ARM then I can’t release my project to this device :C