Marmalade + cocos2d-x + IwGameAds SDK

Marmalade + cocos2d-x + IwGameAds SDK
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Hi ,
i Recently released a free game android market, i tried to add some ads to game i used IwGameAds SDK and change its code to working with cocos2d-x but problem is that ads coming from millennia and adfonica is GIF format ( many of them)
and cocos2d-x doesn’t have gif support and i have no experience working with image files , so i tried to use Iw2d (original implemention of IwGameAds) but it keeps giving stackOverflow error on Push Or Pop matrix , so i made a little change(commented out node->visit) and error disapeared just in case to see if there are any other errors and next im facing with this one

Message: Attempting to free item 0x0B2A9CF0, which has either never been allocated, already been freed or was allocated before IwMemBucketInit was called

whats the solution for ads and cocos2d-x+ marmalade , anyone ever tried it?




is there a way to make iw2d work with cocos2d-x?


Hi Amir,
did you succeed with IwGameAds integration?


Hi Roman ,

Actually NO, i couldn’t integrate it well, i just was able to change part of its source code to work with iwgl but i can’t say its working completely , i still got the problem with gifs but i know there isn’t any problem getting iw2d work with cocos2d-x you just should deal with opengl states that i didn’t try,No chance with EDK either(i’m not familiar with it at all)

here is the solution:

Have a nice day