Marmalade + COCOS2D Help!!!!

Marmalade + COCOS2D Help!!!!
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Hello everyone!

I am new on COCOS and I’d like to know a step by step about “How to deploy my game made in cocos on Marmalade”.

I already check in the forum and the google but I didn’t found nothing could help me deploy with marmalade, every post talking the process is possible but anyone talking about how do that!

Someone can help with a web tutorial or video tutorial? I really need this, my game works perfectlly in the windows, but know I want porting it to Iphone and need to marmalade.

Thx for ALL!


Someone could help me? I really need know this…


Hi Douglas,

If you want to use the last version of cocos2d-x with Marmalade you should read this forum post

If you don’t need OpenGL ES 2.0 in your project. You can download cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.13.0-beta which has all the things you
need to use cocos2d with Marmalade.

I hope it helps!



The December release of Cocos2d-x now includes full Marmalade support…


Hi Tim,

Thank you for the good news!

Some issues are still present on MacOS, here’s a list:

HelloWorld doesn’t compile on Mac OS / X-Code 4.4.1 - had to apply the same workarounds to .mkb file:


More compilation errors (‘integer constant is too large for long type’):

    /* supported channel type formats */
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_BGRA_8888 = 0x0808080861726762,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_RGBA_8888 = 0x0808080861626772,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_RGBA_4444 = 0x0404040461626772,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_RGBA_5551 = 0x0105050561626772,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_RGB_565 = 0x0005060500626772,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_RGB_888 = 0x0008080800626772,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_A_8 = 0x0000000800000061,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_L_8 = 0x000000080000006c,
    kPVR3TexturePixelFormat_LA_88 = 0x000008080000616c,

Adding “ull” suffix fixed them.

Assertion failure when starting the simulator:

IwAssert failure:
Channel: IW_GL
File: IwGLShaderCache.cpp
Line: 427
Expression: g_IwGLAllowNegativeLocations || (location >= 0)
Message: Negative location (-1) passed to glUniform. This is allowed by the OpenGL ES 2.x spec and will be ignored, but may indicate problems in the application. Use [GL] AllowNegativeUniformLocation=1 to disable this warning.

Fixed by adding the following lines to app.icf:



Tim, can you please ask developers who are doing the integration to comment on the screen orientation issue?
It’s unclear how to set the landscape orientation without OpenGL hacks:



Hi Tim and Andrey,

Good news! at last cocos2dx supports Marmalade again!

Andrey you’re right the .mkf of cocos2dx for Mac should have the defines you put in your post in order to compile!
Tim could you clarify what’s the right way of managing the screen orientation in cocos2dx using Marmalade?
as Adrey said I’ve got it working rotating the projection matrix. But I think should be another way to do it! any advice?

Thank you.