Making a widely cross-platform game

Making a widely cross-platform game
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I’m a game developer looking to develop a widely cross-platform game, namely on Windows Desktop, Mac OSX, iOS and maybe Linux. I like the cocos2d-iPhone version because of the tools it has, but I’m wondering how easily that is ported over to cocos2d-x. Is it easier to code it in obj-C and cocos2d-iPhone or would it be easier to code in cocos2s-x and port it to iOS. Also which one is easier to code and is less buggy?

I looked around the forums but didn’t find anything like my situation.

Thanks in advance, any advice helps.


Why would you port from cocos2d-x to cocos2d-iPhone ? cocos2d-x already support iOS as a target platform, there is absolutely no need to port the full game to cocos2d-iPhone.

If you want to implement some platform specific features (like Game Center), just use a few wrappers for those features, and keep the rest as a single C++ code base. Porting to another language is always long and tricky due to the difference between languages, regardless of which ones exactly.

On the other hand porting from cocos2d-iPhone to cocos2dx is a one time investment that is worth it if you need cross-platform. From my experience, developping a single app in different languages for different platforms is a major time sink for little to no added value.


Just a note. If you want to work with Cocos2d-x and have lots of platform-dependent features like Game Center, Facebook, etc. Be prepared to know at least three languages, namely C++, Objective C, and Java.