Maintaining projects

Maintaining projects
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Hi everyone,

I already posted a similar question in another thread, but wanted to open this one now to be really specific on the issue.

I’m pretty new to cocos2d-x and wonder how you guys maintain your projects (IDE-wise).

We’d like to develop for several platforms, which probably is not an uncommon thing to do, since that is one of cocos2d-x’s strengths, right?

So how do you handle situations like adding/removing a file from XCode and then open the same project on Eclipse (for instance). Do you really manually add/remove the files from the project? There must be better ways, I guess, but since cocos2d-x does not support cmake yet (I don’t wanna start with that again), I can’t really understand how this could be done easily.

Minggo Zhang mentioned something about using “command” in this thread ( Does that mean you use python scripts to generate your project files each time you modify the project?

Please share your wisdom with me.

Thanks in advance!


The way i work is i create a cocos2d-x project using Xcode
create an android project using the script provided in the distribution.
link the Classes and Resources directories from xcode project to the android project location.

I use git for version control on the cpp and resources. Have a different directory for the java source code.

That’s about it. I’ve not really tried other platforms so this is how far ive’ got :slight_smile: hope this helps.