Main Render not working for me?

Main Render not working for me?
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I cannot seem to see anythng in Main Render window. It’s plain grey. It seems as i can select some objects (i noticed changes in other windows) but nothing renders and context menu is not working. The Bone Preview window on the other hand is working perfectly.
Has anyone encountered this problem before? i got the newest version.
I would really appreciate your help.


Do you have any error report or message?


Nothing. Te Application Runs normally, just the Main Render window is pitch gray.
I belive it might have something to do with DirectX, Open GL or Display Drivers.


The main render need OpenGL, what is your OS? In your user document , there is a CocoStudio\Logs directory, can you look the logs and report it here , maybe it will be helpful to resolve your problem?


the only thing i got in the log is:

2013-11-07 10:05:59,745 [INFO ] [Thrd:1] EditorCommon.Manager.Log.OutputProxy.Error(:0) - openDemoPlayersuccess

Just installed it on fresh Win 7 Home Premium.
It is Notebook Lenovo G550 (2958) and the graphic driver is Intel’s


The same to me, the render view does not work without any log error in log/console


Still haven’t found solution to the problem. I wonder how i could do some debugging or locating the problem on my own. Any ideas?


Sorry about that.Base you provide information, I can’t find the problem. There will be a new version on Nov.19, maybe you can try the new version. And what the language of your OS? Also you can delete the CocoStudio directory in your document, and then try to start the Cocostudio again.


I have the same probl, the renderer doesn’t show anything. I also have intel graphics.


Cocioaba Cornel wrote:

I have the same probl, the renderer doesn’t show anything. I also have intel graphics.

Hi,guys ) Chinese Page


Did you try using Software Render mode, Instead of Hardware.
I tried that for me its working


please update your Intel Video card driver, all these problems puzzle same users who use Intel integration video card.