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Lua tester
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I’m working on my first game using Lua on iOS, and I use cocos2d-x as my engine. I use much for solving technical problem. Thank you all.

Now my app is ready for beta test. I’m very proud of my work. I want to know will you test my beta? Please sign up your email on my website : or you can send me e-mail at
P.S. I think its crazy to ask strangers like this, but my American friends tell me to do so. and for me(I’m a chinese), this is my first time indie developing.

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hello,zhi-en luo .I am new to cocos2dX lua. I did this. The UI I write and the Socker by C**. And the game logic I want to write by lua. I meet some questions.

  1. Can C** call the lua function and pass arguments(like CCLayer,CCSprite,Array ). I do not find the interface in the LuaCocos2d.
  2. How Lua call the C*+ function.I find use the Luabind or tolia*+.They all need install? Should use which? and how use it. I find some examples in the internet. But it do not work. The function lua_getlocal and
    lua_call. I do not know how to use. Help me, thank you.