Lua IDE and debugger

Lua IDE and debugger
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I am new to Lua game programming. Could anyone share the information what LUA IDE you are using and how you debug the LUA code, when using cocos2dx? I use it for Android.

it seems quite painful to debug a lengthy LUA code.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Stanley,

I have a Lua IDE and a debugger you can possibly use with Cocos2d-x, but it requires luasocket and I haven’t figured out yet how to add it to the samples I have. The IDE is available here: and there are also demos on how the debugging works with Love2d and Moai engines:

If someone can point me to instructions on how to add luasocket support, I may be able to verify that the debugging is working as expected. Thanks.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the information. I am working to add luasocket into cocos2d-x. Somebody probably did this before, but I redo it to understand better Lua and cocos2dx. I will let you know if I make it work.

Best regards,


Hi Paul,

I have a branch on which include basic luasocket support.

But not fully tested.



Thanks Stanley; I’ll give it a try.


For those who are interested in luasocket integration and ZeroBrane Studio debugging, I posted details on various options here:


Has anybody successfully integrated luasocket into a cocos2d-x 2.2 project? I tried following your instructions but it seems like the project folders have been reorganized for 2.2. There is no libs folder in my project and the projects are now created inside the cocos2d-x-2.2/projects folder, so I wasn’t sure where to put the source. Also, the include paths are very confusing. I did get it working, but in a pretty kludgy manner.