Lua Binding on OS X?

Lua Binding on OS X?
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Are the tolua++ bindings to cocos2d-x supposedly supported under OS X, or no? The example Lua apps seem to all be missing OS X builds despite having iOS builds…I’m wondering whether there’s some reason why, other than “nobody’s gotten around to those yet”. (I’m hoping to use the Lua bindings under OS X, but wanted to know if there were any known issues that made that difficult for some reason before I potentially signed myself for a bunch of pain.)


To answer my own question since it looks like nobody else will: despite the Lua bindings possibly not being “officially supported” under OS X, at least at first glance there doesn’t seem to be any major problems making them work. There are no XCode templates provided for it, and setting up anything even remotely complicated in XCode is a pain, but it’s doable, and I now have the “HelloLua” app apparently working just fine under OS X.